FADINI bollard TALOS C730

Antiterrorism automatic hydraulic bollard

Certified: ASTM F2656-18A C730, PAS 68:2013 V/7500 (N3)/48 and IWA 14-1:2013 V/7200 [N3C]/48.


30 Jan 2020

Meccanica Fadini has been in the market of automatic systems for gates, doors and road barriers for more than 45 years. Since 1991 oil-hydraulic automatic, semiautomatic, removable and fixed bollards have increased the range of products. Meccanica FADINI is now a reality constantly in the vanguard for its technical choices and design, being the result of the application of innovative technologies and targeted investments in research and development. Today we are pleased and proud to introduce the new TALOS C730.
A security oil-hydraulic automatic bollard, designed for heavy duty applications and recommended for the protection of special sites and all those areas where a high level of security and perimeter protection is needed to prevent terrorist attacks.
On January 9th, 2020 AISISO S.r.l. Crash Test Laboratory performed a test on the bollard.
The FADINI model TALOS C730 successfully passed this crash test being able to withstand alone the impact of a 7,5 t truck travelling at a speed of 48 km/h.

Meccanica Fadini s.n.c. has thus obtained all of the most significant international certificates, updated to the latest state of the art, for its bollard:
- ASTM F2656-1A C730 (an even more severe standard than M30 former K4)
- PAS 68:2013 V/7500 (N3)/48
- IWA 14-1:2013 V/7200 [N3C]/48

A very important and fundamental step ahead for FADINI oil-hydraulic automatic bollards !