ARTIFEEL will exhibit at Sicur 2022

Established in January 2021, ARTIFEEL is a Fast-Growing French developer and manufacturer of the first disruptive smart security product Check'in, that recognizes all door events thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

With the Check'in BOX, the aim of ARTIFEEL is to disrupt the market of intruder alarms


25 Jan 2022

The Check'in Box embeds systems to detect and dissuade potential intrusions and sends remote alerts through the newly standardized LTE-M network without any single user interaction to Monitoring Stations and/or Smartphones.

It is fully autonomous: battery powered, no need for additional gateways, sirens, and even Wi-Fi or electricity, making it a cost-effective solution for currently unsecured and isolated sites markets.

Its ‘always-on’ configuration eliminates false alarms, ideal when paired with a Central Monitoring Station subscription.

The All-in-one design makes him very simple to use and avoid unnecessary installation time and costs.