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Look Education Tour by Urbiola presented at Salon Look 2021

• The Look Education Tour, the training program that promises to turn the world of hairdressing upside down, will be held in six cities in Spain along with a final event during the upcoming Salon Look. • This program was presented on Sunday, October 24 at Salón Look by Javier Carcedo, head of HR at Urbiola Formación and Julia González, director of Salón Look at IFEMA MADRID.

24 Nov 2021

The alliance established between Urbiola Formación and Salón Look has allowed the creation of the Look Education Tour project, a training program that will take place in different cities in Spain during the next year of 2022 to present innovation, beauty and education.

With an innovative format comprising two trainers and two different techniques striving for excellence, this methodology aims to dynamize the activity in a way that offers freshness, action and constant variety. To complement the face-to-face aspect of this training, each of the Look Education Tour shows will be broadcast online.

During 2022, these events will be held in different cities in Spain; they will begin in Bilbao with Carlos Valiente and Carles Sánchez, and will continue in Barcelona with Pedro Muñoz and Antonio Calvo. The next event will be in Malaga, with Jesús de Paula and Javier Vila; they will be followed by Madrid, at IFEMA MADRID, with Jorge de Sancho and Luciana Sabariz, concluding in Valencia, with Rafael Bueno and Ángel Díez. All events will be held on Sundays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

As part of the celebration of Salón Look 2022, which will take place at IFEMA MADRID from October 21 to 23, a final event will be organized in which all the participants of the Look Education Tour by Urbiola will participate and where diplomas will be presented along with a conference given by Miriam Fernández, a communications expert.

The launching of ticket purchases for the Look Education Tour by Urbiola will soon be announced, so that professionals in this sector will be at an advantage for their subsequent visit to Salón Look 2022.

The presentation of the Look Education Tour by Urbiola took place as part of Salón Look, the fair held at IFEMA MADRID. You can find it at this link.