Why exhibit?

Why exhibit?

Advantages of taking part

Trade fairs have consolidated their position in the last few years as one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools, as underlined by the constant growth of this activity. You will find hereunder an extract from a brochure prepared by the AFE, the Association of Spanish Trade Fairs, summarising the reasons for participating actively in these trade events.

Trade fairs:

  • Are the most economical and efficient way to gain market share;
  • Constitute the most comprehensive communication tool, with direct interaction between buyer and seller, face to face, using all five senses;
  • Enable a large volume of information to be obtained in a short time;
  • Are the ideal venue for establishing sales contacts: meeting regular customers and capturing new ones, offering new services and/or products;
  • Enable you to gauge the degree of satisfaction of actual and potential customers with your products and those of your competitors;
  • Provide immediate feedback on the introduction of new products and/or improvements in existing ones;
  • Have a considerable impact on decision-making for buying
  • Are essential for finding export opportunities. Trade fairs provide access to the international market at the best price. They create a real platform for companies’ internationalisation strategies.
  • They contribute to strengthening corporate image.
  • They provide a unique opportunity to identify possible suppliers, subcontractors, representatives, importers and distributors.
  • They enable you to form a clear idea of your competitors: who they are and how your business is positioned relative to them. They also enable us to get to know the competition’s customers.
  • They facilitate research into your company’s pricing policy relative to the competition.
  • They are the best way of sounding out the market and discovering current and future trends.
  • They represent an excellent opportunity to comment on problems and new trends with other professionals in the sector.

They offer the possibility of taking part in parallel sessions and events that help you evaluate market developments and trends.

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