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Five festivals in Madrid to keep dancing in 2020

Music for lovers of nostalgic rock, 1990s pop and even a long-awaited date with reggaeton in the coming months at IFEMA, Feria de Madrid.

12 Feb 2020

Nostalgic date with Love the 90's

Sing all the songs from Modesty Apart, from Short Celts or the catchy summer hits from She Dances Alone, Dangerous Friends, OBK, Accomplices or Plato. The musical event for those who miss the nineties is the Love the 90's festival. Three stages and a festival bet for those great songs that made us dance, with special attention to the summer songs that marked an era. Pay attention to the Escenario Playa, where you can hear all those songs that marked an era and are in the memory of several generations. Azúcar Moreno, Los Chunguitos, Viceversa, Los Manolos, Zapato Veloz... In the Dance area, there will be 2 Unlimited, Jenny from Ace of Base, Technotronic, Chimo Bayo or Paco Pil, among others.

The biggest event of the year for reggaeton lovers

On June 26th IFEMA, Feria de Madrid will host one of the newest events on the festival calendar in the city: Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival. Two essential names in this musical style have already confirmed their presence at this unique event. Daddy Yankee, the father of reggaeton, co-creator of the world hit Despacito, will be one of the strongest bets of the festival. Yankee positioned his song Con calma, as the second most listened song in Spotify in 2019. He will also be on the line up Bad Bunny, the most listened to Latin artist on this digital platform, whose song Mía is one of the most important songs in contemporary music of the last decade. Two heavyweights for an event organized by Grupo Hermanos Toro, one of the biggest music promoters in Spain, responsible for Dreambeach, Cabo de Plata or Puro Latino. Without a doubt, this is one of the must-see events on the list of Madrid's festivals for 2020.

The Funny 2000's of Music, in Love the Tuenti's

Those who were born in the 2000's know well that, more than one night, they have ended up singing songs by Alex Ubago, Merche or Fran Perea. They also know that Love the Tuenti's is their big date within the summer festivals to appease their nostalgia, next June 27 in IFEMA, Feria de Madrid. There will be three stages (Dance, Pop and Beach) where they will dance to the hits of artists such as Sylver, Lasgo, Fragma, Marian Dacal, Eva Martí, Spacio ft. Rafa Ruiz or The Kid ft. Noemy, for lovers of electronics, or songs like Bomba de King Africa, Europe's living a celebration by the winner of Operation Triumph, Rosa López, or Dile que la quiero by David Civera. Also Fórmula Abierta, Gusanito, Melody, Pignoise or Alejandro Parreño have confirmed their attendance.

Buy your ticket for Love the Tuenti's (June 27) at IFEMA.

The great festival of Latin American music of the 21st century

The fourth edition of the Rio Babel Festival at IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, from 2 to 4 July 2020 is very appealing and confirms itself as the essential meeting place for contemporary Latin American music. Resident, the co-founder and vocalist of Calle 13 was one of the first to say "yes" to this event, which shows that the festival continues to bet on urban rhythms and Latin American music. The Spanish rapper Rayden is another name on the line-up, as is the German band Seeed, known for mixing hip-hop with reggae, which will be performing in Madrid for the first time. The Colombian Juanes, the South Africans Die Antwoord or C. Tanganyika promise to make this month of July memorable.

Buy your ticket for Rio Babel at IFEMA (July 2, 3 and 4).

Urban culture takes to the stage in Madrid Salvaje

It has been an essential part of the underground culture of cities for more than four decades, but it is now that urban music has acquired a major weight. In Spain, the big event will be the Madrid Salvaje festival, on October 2nd and 3rd, at IFEMA, Feria de Madrid. Kase.O, Denom, Nathy Peluso, Blake, Fyahbwoy, Morad, Swit Eme, Funzo & Baby Loud, Foyone, Nikone, Fernandocosta and Nadal 015 are the names confirmed for this event which will turn the capital into the epicentre of these scenic battles. More than 25,000 people are expected to attend the event to listen to rap, trap or reggae songs; a historic event in one of the genres that has been most successful in the sales lists and in all music award ceremonies.

Buy your ticket for Madrid Salvaje at IFEMA (2 and 3 October).