Why Exhibit?

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Why Exhibit?

Advantages of participating
Do you want to be an exhibitor at MEAT ATTRACTION? Get all of these benefits:


  • Start, continue and/or close sales processes with the distribution channel present at MEAT ATTRACTION.
  • Plan and schedule meetings with current and potential customers. 
  • Present the latest news and strategies, getting the customer's opinion.
  • Identify and attract new partners and distributors from around the world.
  • Bring new investors on board:
    • By product category and buyer profile.
  • Develop and open new markets.
  • Test new products and services.
  • Test marketing campaigns.
  • Test brand image and perceptions
  • Create and/or reinforce brand awareness.
  • Be right up to date with the latest news attracting media coverage, offering the new developments that attract attention.


Business meetings with large international buyers. Meat Attraction 2022, with the collaboration of ICEX trade offices, hosted a total of 559 appointments in the B2Meat meetings. 

A total of 42 buying companies from 15 countries (South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica) participated in the B2Meat meetings. The meetings with 50 exporters were B2B monographic meetings by product category

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