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Fall/Winter 2021/22 Trends
Get a head start and discover all the key trends for the coming season.

Our experts break down the main trends seen on the MBFWMadrid fashion show for the Fall/Winter 2021/22 season, give us their style tips and give us a preview of the garments, colours and shapes that you can't miss in your wardrobe in a few months' time. Discover a small preview on this page and download the PDF to access the full analysis.

Trend 01: Cape Coat

The cape coat is the quintessential outerwear of the season. It appears more majestic and sophisticated than ever. It embraces the body in different materials and formats: silk, nylon, wool, rayon or quilted. We have seen it in neutral colours; black and white as the most classic option but also in others as appealing as berry blue.

Trend 02: Electro Kids

With a hopeful and very human look, the designers pay tribute to the music and dance inspired by the inhabitants of the electronic music clubs that have been popular since the 80s.

Trend 03: Laced silhouette

XXL bows crown romantic blouses that are paired with classically cut skirts: high-waisted and below the knee. This silhouette appears in many of this season's collections, sometimes doubly supported by an extra scarf.

Trend 04: Sunset Lovers

It is no coincidence that orange is the colour chosen by many designers this season to dye fabrics, looks, accessories and emotions. When choosing a colour, in its most generic sense, there is a whole psychological process associated with it. Each colour is linked to certain values and it is in orange that we translate positivism and joy.

Trend 05: Shopping Bag

The shopping bag is taking over our living space, drawing attention and volume to the silhouette. Designers surrender to the most undisputed functional accessory. It holds everything that the day-to-day life of winter 2021 has to offer, but it is also the star aesthetic accessory in the most sophisticated evening looks.

Trend 06: Back to the 90's powered by ghd

Jesús de Paula, ghd ambassador in Spain "Next season's looks bring a return to the 90s-2000s but with a renewed touch and adapted to the digital world in which we move today. The looks are going natural, with very loose textures, healthy-looking manes, with broken straight hair with a worn finish. Volumes, big waves, natural curls that are gathered in ponytails or low buns or divided with central streaks".

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