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Spring / Summer 2022

Before start designing a collection, the important thing is to have clear the keys of inspiration. Mercedes-Benz invites you to discover the moodboard of the designers who will participate in the fashion shows of this edition of MBFWMadrid. Enter also to the world of designers that will present their Spring/Summer 2022 collections in fashion film format, and soon enjoy a sneak peek of their teasers. In addition, we will bring you an analysis of the trends seen on the catwalk for this season, which you will be able to see and download in PDF at the end of MBFWMadrid.

Fashion Insiders Trends

Trend 01: Shades of Silver

The silver color is undoubtedly one of the most repeated trends on the fashion show. It transcends the versatility of its chromatic gain and the way it stains materials. We see it applied with logic in metallic fabrics, lamés and sequins, but it also dyes shiny silks, tulle gradients, tinsel knitwear and pleats in contrast with white. 

Trend 02: Hamaca

Horizontal, vertical, thick and mixed. If there is a print that returns with force is undoubtedly the stripes. This time the approach is more nostalgic, taking us back to the retro essence of the 60s where our beaches were dyed in saturated and acid colors.

Trend 03: Laced silhouette

Asymmetrical dresses are the trend garment of the season. They have been reinterpreted by a variety of designers on the runway; especially the one-shoulder one-shoulder evening dress with square sleeves. They have been designed in long and medium lengths in silky, crepe or stretch fabrics with a certain Hellenic air that favors the fluidity of the woman's silhouette. 

Trend 04: New wave of artisans

The essence of craftsmanship is transferred to the collections through the values of proximity and genuine pieces. The garments, materials and prints offer us an evocation of exotic trips or as close as the Mediterranean, promoting a renewed interest in local craftsmanship.  The idea is to give a second life to the materials found in the creation process itself.

Trend 05: Super-sheer

The see through garments have been seen in layering and textural combinations but above all contrasting fabrics with skin. The traditional naked dress has evolved into a modern version that can be worn beyond the evening and opens the door to color, explores loose cuts and proves to be more inclusive than ever. 

Trend 06: Minimal Opulence powered by GHD

Alba Aliaga, trainer at ghd Spain: "With minimalism as a general trend, plus a nod to the 90s, next season's looks are largely understated, natural and with fresh textures. Shiny, healthy-looking manes, big, soft waves. Very accessible looks that allow us to translate them into a day-to-day beauty routine."


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Teaser fashion films

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