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Fall / Winter 2022

Get a head start and discover all the key trends for the coming season

Our experts break down the main trends seen on the MBFWMadrid Fashion shows for the Fall/Winter 2022 season, give us their style tips and give us a preview of the garments, colors and shapes that you can't miss in your closet in a few months. Discover a small preview on this page and download the PDF to access the full analysis.

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Trend 01: Bling bling

The Y2K revival sneaks into the background of the fall winter 2022 collections, free from any critical judgment of the sociocultural moment of the time and praised by designers who reinterpret the muses of their adolescence: the princesses of pop.

Trend 02: Hamaca

Although red, fuchsia and orange are always present in the collections of the MBFWM designers as representatives of the warm palette, it is the cherry color that is the novelty message for the winter collections and the one that has created a more emotional message about the tissues.

Trend 03: Crinolina Party

One of the most unexpected trends is the return of crinolines, or tontillos, bustles and executioners, who recreate a silhouette that seemed until yesterday more than forgotten.

Trend 04: Midriff Cut -Outs

The phenomenon of cut-outs continues strongly for the winter season. The cuts and openings are strong in versions for all tastes: on the neckline, on the legs, under the chest...

Trend 05: Pagoda Shoulders

You won't be able to take your eyes off it. The shoulders are pointed and protrude over the torsos of the models. They are dramatic and daring. They're the kind of silhouette that thrills any pop star or femme fatale on a red carpet. They are back at MBFWM. 

Trend 06: Stylethentic powered by GHD

Desiree Caballero, GHD Spain Trainer "Gone are the days of mainstream trends. The traditional fashion cycle is a thing of the past and has been replaced by fast-paced micro-trends. An all-digital generation where the world moves very fast and it's easy to get lost if you don't have your own ideas. This next season we will see natural and discreet looks as a general trend. We will continue to see light volumes with brusing textures, and there will be no lack of soft waves with the appearance of just getting up."

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