Maya Hansen

Maya Hansen in MBFWM

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Maya Hansen repeats her hybrid + fashion film format in the spring summer season with a precious collection. Post-pandemic times only suggest one direction, the search of excellence with exquisite and timeless garments where the unmistakable corset combining with basic garments such as classic dresses, skirts and undershirts as a revulsive to the complicated and difficult times that have been lived recently.

In constant search for the integration of crafts and different disciplines such as casting as a sculptural technique, craftsmanship, a certain arty & upcycled touch and jewelry, Maya Hansen proposes 5 looks in which each garment is treated as a separate universe with the intention of

craftsman, the embroiderer, the garments made with care, of great baroque in contrast to the simplicity of simple, single-color garments.

Fabrics such as denim, silk mikado, satin, contrast with elements that give the look deluxe to garments such as Swarovski crystals, brass, embroidery, pearls ...colors cheerful like leaf green, red, petrol blue, or marvelous gold.

The silhouette emphasizes the waist, with marked corsets and volumes on the sleeves, giving a result "couture" to the look but then each garment works separately.