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The ALVARNO brand is the result of a fusion of two creative forces, Arnaud Maillard and Álvaro Castejón. Their years of experience, both individually and together alongside Karl Lagerfeld, have led them to share a common purpose: ALVARNO. They chose Madrid to start their adventure, with clear international ambitions, but never forgetting their roots.

“The light of Madrid and the spirit of Paris” is their leitmotif.

Alvarno brought luxury to prêt-à-porter, with an exquisite selection of fabrics, embroidery and intricate patterns. From the outset, Alvarno’s baroque minimalism, and the refinement of his prêt-à-couture, has captivated Spain’s most elegant and charismatic women.

Alvarno’s garments give women a strong, confident personality, contributing a “rock attitude” to their day-to-day lives. Today’s Madrid has become the capital of this kind of fashion: pure, brilliant and sophisticated.

Not only did they launch their own brand, but they also put their talent to work at French label Loris Azzaro, where they were creative directors from 2013 to June 2016. On 10 July 2014, they made their haute couture début in Paris.

They won the L’Oréal prize for the best collection in September 2014 at the MBFW Madrid Fashion Show. They won it for a second time in February 2015, and for the third consecutive time in September 2015.

Alvarno Show - #MBFWIbiza 2019

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