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SHADOWS AND DREAMS - Jesus Campillo de Miguel

“May the light of your soul shine so bright from where you stand, as it always will in your friends' heart...”


19 Jul 2019

The present work contains intense human and touching shades, as a result of a great love that, Saul, the main charachter, dispenses unreservedly to his friends and to all those people that are closer to him. This affection injects in the soul of his reader a sort of comforting feeling, an encouragement to start thinking what “unconditionally” means in terms of human relations, in each and every give-and-take manifestation. The author makes us immerse, in a simple but brave way, in a reading that leads us to remember our childhood at school and the emotions that belong to that time of life, to show us, only later, a completely different and complicated reality that makes inroads into Saul's life. In fact, he will experience distressing events many times; challenges that he will always be able to face in the best possible ways.

Jesus Campillo de Miguel was born in 1954 in Madrid. He worked for a building company, a publishing house and a bank. He was married for 3 years. He has had two children and he has been widowed since 2003. He is retired now and this is his first work.

Publisher: Europa Ediciones
Price: Euros 12,90
Genre: Fiction
Series: Edificar Universos
Pages: 136
Language: Spanish
EAN: 9788893848732