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Rare Diseases: some psychological and medical-legal interesting aspects for healthcare professionals | Ana María García Rodríguez – Miguel J. Sánchez Velasco

Novedad Grupo Editorial Europa


24 Sep 2019

A rare or infrequent disease is the one that affects a small percentage of the population. For example, in Europe, a disease affecting 1 person in 2000 can be considered rare. It can cause uncomfortable situations, uncertainty or anxiety and desperation in a family environment, since this kind of disorders implicates a socio-economic change, the need of an emotional and informative support and a material aid by the doctors, to avoid the deterioration in the quality of life. The family doctor becomes then the most relevant figure. This work analyses the different aspects in the psychological sphere, highlighting the importance of relations and communication between doctors patients and family; the most frequent diseases, such as anxiety, depression and insomnia are developed; less considered aspects of legal medicine, such as imputability, legal failures and some possible sceneries of disability are mentioned.

Ana María García Rodríguez

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Valladolid, with a Master's Degree in Health and Clinical Management. She's specialised in Community and Family Medicine and Clinical Analysis, and she's an expert in Clinical Genetics. Currently, she's a family doctor in primary health care.

Miguel J. Sánchez Velasco

He graduated in Civil Protection Management, with a Master's Degree in Health and Clinical Management. He's specialised in Security of Strategic and Critical Infrastructures. He's a doctor in Urgencies and Emergencies, an expert in Community and Family Medicine and Legal Medicine. Currently, he works with emergencies.

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