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My deepest apologies | Amaia Irigoyen Lassa

Catalogue 2019


19 Jul 2019

My deepest apologies is a collection of feelings, thoughts and beliefs, which is presented as a sort of intimate diary of the author. Each verse and poem throw the reader onto a roller coaster called “emotions”. Amaia Irigoyen Lassa, the author, manages to externalize a love story with great sincerity, showing how we all keep fighting among fears, frustrations and desire to love and be loved. Any reader could identify with these common sensations as, for example, the poor self-esteem of the opening paragraphs. The author dwells on each feeling, releasing her worries. The more you read the book, the more you can feel connected to these feelings and the typical doubts of love, the lies, the indelible memories. The verses can be individually appreciated, even though there's a hidden string linking every page. That is why this work can be read page by page or all in one breath.

Amaia Irigoyen Lassa is a student of social sciences and, at the same time, a writer. She published her first book of poems at the age of 16.

Publisher: Europa Ediciones
Price: € 9,50
Genre: Poetry
Series: Dibujar Espacios
Pages: 110
Language: Spanish
EAN: 978-88-9384-9883