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Healthcare Intelligence and Perspectives in Emergency | Miguel J. Sánchez Velasco – Ana María García Rodríguez

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24 Sep 2019

When comparing the average doctor, usually an hospital worker, and the extra-hospital context, it is possible to find a series of not too evident variables. These can influence the short- and medium-term assistive attitude.

Every catastrophic event, of major or minor intensity, has different and variable characteristics, able to influence the reaction to an emergency. In order to better evaluate the situation, it is important to know the context. The more information we have, the better decisions we make, using the right available resources, always checking the communication among all the people involved in these processes of healthcare attention. Even the affected one’s geographical location could condition the answer, as much as the availability, accessibility and problem-solving skills of the mobilized sources. Working at extreme heights, for example, with hostile weather could negatively interfere with the pre-hospital assistance. These are the reasons why this investigation project has the aim to improve the emergency working environment, which is often scarcely controllable and inadequate. This is a manual with step-by-step directions, in order to eliminate any margin of error.

Miguel J. Sánchez Velasco

He graduated in Civil Protection Management, with a Master's Degree in Health and Clinical Management. He's specialised in Security of Strategic and Critical Infrastructures. He's a doctor in Urgencies and Emergencies, an expert in Community and Family Medicine and Legal Medicine. Currently, he works with emergencies.

Ana María García Rodríguez

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Valladolid, with a Master's Degree in Health and Clinical Management. She's specialised in Community and Family Medicine and Clinical Analysis, and she's an expert in Clinical Genetics. Currently, she's a family doctor in primary health care.

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