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InterSICOP is bringing forward its next edition to November 2020

• IFEMA will host from the 14 to 17 November 2020 the next edition of the International Bakery, Pastry, Ice-Cream and Coffee Show, with the aim to improve its international ranking, and to guarantee growth for the specialised professional event. • TECSICOP: This new event will be a “Special Equipment, Machinery and Technology” edition • Commercial connections with Latin America, with Mexico as the guest country, and the exchange of knowledge between renowned chefs and professionals will be some of the main lines of the trade fair. • After exceeding all expectations in 2019, Intersicop will surprise visitors with a larger and comprehensive exhibition offer, national championships and an interesting programme of demonstrations, workshops and technical conferences. The goal: to place Spain as the main Latin American meeting point for the bakery, pastry, ice-cream and coffee industry. • InterSICOP joins the specialised trade fair group at Ifema for the agro-industrial, food and gastronomy sector to promote the synergies of the national and international event.

20 Nov 2019

Under the slogan “Hands that bring us together with innovation”, in November 2020, IFEMA will host the next edition of InterSICOP, International Bakery, Pastry, Ice-Cream and Coffee Show, to become the sector’s grand instrument to continue consolidating the industry’s position on the market.

This decision, backed by the InterSICOP Organising Committee, comprised of representatives from all of the trade associations, is the result of an in-depth analysis of the international sector events calendar, and is backed by a survey of over 800 industry professionals, who confirmed that bringing the next edition forward a couple of months, to the 14 to 17 November, is a great opportunity, with the aim to develop the international ranking of InterSICOP, with its special equipment, machinery and technology edition (TECSICOP), and to guarantee continued growth of the specialised professional event.

85% of those surveyed consider that bringing it forward to the 14-17 November 2020 does not affect at all their intention to attend Southern Europe's grand trade event to discover the new products and trends, search for suppliers and new products, attend specialised workshops, and it is a good moment when beginning to plan the renewal of their equipment, with their sights already on 2021.

These dates are also considered optimal to promote the presence of purchasing groups from Latin America, with Mexico as the Guest Country, which will be one of the major goals for 2020, and that will be strengthened with the International Buyers Program by which each participating company will have a number of trips to invite a certain number of new or potential international clients from anywhere around the world, with travel and accommodation included.

The Show will take place from the 14 to 17 November 2020, fifteen days after All Saints’ Day and more than one month before Christmas, a moment that will be the commercial meeting point between sector offer and demand, to boost and accelerate the equipment renewal processes and relations with suppliers for the upcoming business year 2021. Additionally, with these new dates it comes before other international trade fairs that will take place next year, and which could restrict the growth of the event that is increasing in recent years.

In 2019, due to demand by a number of exhibitors, especially the machinery sector, the organisation decided to expand the duration from three to four days, in order to maximise their investment with the useful commercial time during the event. This was also one of the questions on the visitor survey, where 45% confirmed that they need for the event to be held Saturday and Sunday to be able to guarantee their attendance, 19% Sunday and Monday, and 36% on Monday and Tuesday; therefore the 14-17 November edition of InterSICOP will also last for four days, enough time for participating companies to receive their clients and establish new contacts, as well as to promote their business and prove their uniqueness by presenting new products and services, at the only trade fair in Spain dedicated exclusively to the pastry, bakery and ice-cream sectors, with important events and performances that will guarantee a wide variety and a large number of visitors.

The Intersicop organisation, that is contained within the trade fair group specialising in the agro-industrial, food and gastronomy sector that organises international benchmark events such as Fruit Attraction, Meat Attraction, Eat2Go Show and Vendibérica, is already working on the upcoming event, that promises to bring interesting news.

The industry event where 100% of the participants are professionals

Last year, Intersicop exceeded all expectations with the visit by 21,420 professionals, and it became consolidated as the benchmark event on the Iberian Peninsula for the represented sectors. The Show will again be held in late 2020, with the challenge to become even more international and one of the main international meeting points for the bakery, pastry, ice-cream and coffee industries, bringing together 30,000 professionals from 70 countries.

TECSICOP, Special Equipment, Machinery and Technology Edition

With the aim to promote sector efficiency, quality and competitiveness, accelerate sales processes and equipment renewal, Intersicop 2020 will be an edition that, under the new brand TECSICOP, will significantly promote the offer of equipment, machinery and technology for the various sectors represented, grouping together and providing special focus on:

. Equipment, machinery and technology

. ICT solutions, industry 4.0, energy consumption management

. Production and manufacturing processes

. Logistics and transportation

. Cleaning and hygiene

. Laboratory and instrumentation

TECSICOP, one of the main attractions for event visitors, will also have a monographic programme of Technical Conferences, as well as a specific B2B to promote business opportunities for participating companies, with international purchasers and distributors.

The latest in machinery and raw materials

A total of 293 companies (212 direct exhibitors and 81 represented companies) showed at the last edition of InterSICOP the latest in machinery, services, ingredients, products, articles and complements in bread, pastry and ice-cream, in addition to coffee-related products. In 2020 this offer is expected to grow up to 300 direct exhibitor companies, to enrich the opportunities for business contacts with the industry and with innovation, enhancing all areas of the value chain with the variety of suppliers. As usual, attendees will find a full range of exhibitions grouped by raw materials, ingredients and semi-finished products; semi-finished precooked and frozen dough; decoration, packaging and other complements for presentation; tools and accessories; interior design and point of sale; cold, etc. This edition will also be enhanced with industry agents for frozen dough, pastry and bakery semi-finished products, flours, ingredients and enhancer market, international, national and regional distributors, chocolate area, “without-eco-free” products, “sweets&snacks” markets, point of sale, franchises, commercial logistics and transportation…

And for the first time the MUNDOCAFÉ area will be launched, with the participation of coffee roasters, operators, coffee equipment and machines, Office Coffee Service (OCS) and suppliers of disposable pods and capsules that have become so popular in the Bakery-Coffee sector in recent years.

Seminars, competitions, private workshops, technical conferences and much more

Guaranteeing updating, specialisation and professional training, as well as the incorporation of new generations of professionals, is the main line of this new edition. In addition to the varied exhibition offering, the Show is an area for added-value knowledge for visitors, thanks to the ambitious parallel programme of activities, that grows year after year.

In 2020 InterSICOP will continue to work towards updating and towards professional training. Visitors can attend technical seminars and success stories given by renowned pastry-makers, bakers, ice-cream makers and coffee professionals, who will share techniques, projects, lines of work and new trends. Intersicop will be one of the best allies and instruments at the service of the sector with the aim to continue promoting the professionalisation of the trade and the positioning of the products relating to a varied, healthy, balanced and nutritious diet following the guidelines of our Mediterranean Diet, which was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

The aim is also to develop instruments that will maximise the event, in addition to bakery, pastry and ice-cream retail, the hospitality, restaurant, food service and mass food distribution, to position bread, pastry and ice-cream within a prism of maximum quality and product diversity.

Visitors will be able to see ambitious live national competitions. In 2019 the trade fair was the setting for four exciting competitions: MMAPE 2019, III Spanish Ice Cream Championship, II National Pastry Chef Student Championship and III Artisan Bread Championship.

InterSICOP is an official sponsor of “Los Espigas” National Selection of Artisan Bakery, proving its commitment and support for the sector, and to contribute to promoting the positioning of artisan and traditional bakery as a reference point for the industry.

Connection with Latin America. An even more international edition

Reinforcing internationalisation will be one of the strategic goals of Intersicop 2020, to help participating companies open and develop new international markets. For the next edition actions will be implemented to guarantee a better international ranking for InterSICOP. The challenge is to make the Show the reference for Latin America for the bakery, pastry, ice-cream and coffee sectors.

Among the planned activities is the TECSICOP area, that aims to attract a larger volume of potential purchasers of equipment, machinery and technology, a Programme for International Guests that will enable exhibiting companies to invite (accommodation and travel paid) to the trade fair clients or possible new international clients to promote exports, as well as numerous strategies to identify and attract international purchasers, especially from Latin America.

Mexico will be the guest country at Intersicop 2020. For this reason, a large delegation of Mexican guests will attend the trade fair with the aim to promote and implement commercial export activities.

InterSICOP’s commitment to sustainable development and ODS

InterSICOP20 includes in the project a series of activities to approach the main social and environmental problems facing our society today: Innovation Hub, Entrepreneurship, SicopRural, “Bakery, Pastry and Ice-Cream by women”, TecSicop, Leftovers collection by the Food Bank, energy consumption management, leftovers and waste, types of modular stands, conferences on sustainability and good environmental practises,…and elements for the production of the trade fair itself on its pathway towards an “eco-friendly”, event, are just some of the new additions to the show.

Hands that bring us together with Innovation

"Hands that bring us together with Innovation" will be the main line of communication at Intersicop 2020. The purpose of this slogan is to highlight experience, trade, quality, excellence, differentiating proposals and diversity, with innovation as the cross-sectional axis. Values that are shared by all of the sectors that are represented (bakery, pastry, ice-cream and coffee) that help to point out the innovation developed in these industries, which places Spain as one of the most attractive markets in the world, and where InterSICOP is the major commercial celebration of our trade.

The Innovation Hub is the area that provides sector visibility and brings together all of the new products and innovation of the companies participating at InterSICOP and TECSICOP, to show the global bakery, pastry and ice-cream industry that innovation is one of the pillars of a modern industry, adapted to the new consumer profiles and trends. All of the companies participating in the INNOVATION HUB can submit their product for the Accelera Awards, which aim to acknowledge and promote the R+D+i efforts of the entire sector, and of each company in particular.

Bakery, Pastry and Ice-Cream by women

This edition will also especially promote the visibility of the great professionals of our sector to bring back the women artisan bakers, pastry-makers and ice-cream makers, entrepreneurs, media, researchers,... with performances, conferences, workshops and demonstrations, as well as acknowledgements It also aims to encourage the incorporation of new generations and young professional women to the trade.


The bakery and pastry world is an opportunity to establish population in the rural environment, a chance to promote employment, entrepreneurship, generational replacement in the profession in small towns, and for the sector to provide a boost to the depopulated Spain. InterSICOP plans to provide visibility and help the trade that develops its activity in rural areas with the utmost quality, inviting them to enjoy InterSICOP, presenting success stories, establishment management in rural environments, …

Baker’s Day; Pastry-maker’s Day; Ice-cream maker's day; Barista's day

With the goal to provide media visibility to each of the professional trades linked to the InterSICOP event, each day of the show will be themed around an area, with specific activities and with the I SICOP 2020 AWARDS to great professionals who, with their values and contributions to the industry, have notably contributed to its growth.

Thus, activities such as #PANADEROSNOCTURNOS and #PASTELEROSNOCTURNOS, will shine a light on professionals who, with sacrifice, determination, dedication, love for their trade, innovation and new proposals for bread and pastries, are major references in their environment, without making headlines.

The #RUTASABORESDEHELADO is another main activity, with guided routes to discover the proposals of the artisan ice-cream industry.


InterSICOP20 is the setting to promote retail businesses, encourage development towards a modern establishment, in management and sales, in ambience and decoration, inspiring consumers during their purchase, building loyalty….

A whole series of conferences and inspiring areas on these important matters will all take place at InterSICOP20.


One of the main challenges of InterSICOP20 is to promote actions aimed for this channel.

Conferences on bread management in restaurants, management of consumption peaks, equipment personalisation, work systems, management of reductions... and with important demonstrations by masters of the hospitality business

Higher number of specific visitors and new channels 

InterSICOP 2020 is also facing the challenge to increase the number of sector professionals by 30% in all regions of the Iberian Peninsula, seeking further geographic penetration and an increase of the HORECA and food distribution sector. The 2020 project was also designed with the aim that at least 20% of the attendees are international.


Registration to participate at InterSICOP20 will be open online from the 1 February 2020, with a three-month priority reply time, which will provide certain benefits, and which can be processed at New participation formats are being added to simplify and speed up this process, multiply the possibilities for obtaining commercial leads, participation in forums and demonstrations, international purchaser program, b2b, etc. with the aim to make the most out of participation at the event.

Seminars on “Trade Fair Marketing for food fairs” will be given, aimed at all sector companies and in various cities around the peninsula, with the purpose to share practises and experiences that will multiply lead generation and commercial opportunities, to obtain the maximum return on investment thanks to a specialised trade fair event.

In the meantime, any questions or further information can be found at