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Reliving heritage with a contemporary artistic touch

Handmade furniture with Kilim

Unique pieces in the world


29 Jan 2020

My name is Ilhem, a Tunisian resident in Spain, graduated in philosophy. I was born in a very poor town in the south of Tunisia where women, wrestlers, take out with their own hands works of art woven into carpets to get money into their family.

Lover of tradition and design, passionate, imaginative and creative. Convinced that each individual is different, I believe in the richness of diversity, with my products I can offer another option to all those people who want to leave the pattern dictated by current decoration trends and decide for themselves what goes with their personality , which makes them feel better.

One day I thought it would be nice to find a place to create, where to do what I like and where to share with the world the patience of women fighters in my country; In this place I have managed to collaborate with an association of Tunisian women to help them promote and sell their products, through my furniture designs. A place that combines tradition and modernity. That place is called Decor Baraka. ”