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IFEMA will be the first 5G fairground in Spain with Vodafone

• Vodafone will deploy a 5G commercial network in all Feria de Madrid facilities, placing it among the first in the world to have the latest generation of connectivity for its more than 4 million attendees and exhibitors annually. • IFEMA and Vodafone Spain have signed a collaboration framework agreement for the development of innovative projects based on 5G connectivity in the fair environment provided by the IFEMA-LAB Foundation. • This Thursday, the first 5G European forum, “Let's 5G European Forum”, organised by Vodafone and with Altran, Cisco and Samsung as partners, will be celebrated at IFEMA.

22 Oct 2019

IFEMA will have in its Feria de Madrid facilities a 5G commercial network of Vodafone, the only operator that has deployed this technology in this country, which makes IFEMA the first venue in Spain and one of the few in the world to have implemented the latest generation of connectivity. In this way, the more than 35,000 exhibitors who participate every year in its fairs and the more than 4 million visitors it receives can enjoy all the advantages of 5G technology. The implementation, which starts this month in Hall 14.1 to host the first 5G European forum organised by Vodafone, will be carried out progressively over the coming months.

The current 5G network allows speeds of up to 1Gbps, reduces latency to less than 5 milliseconds, allows  the number of objects connected to the network to be multiplied by 100 and enables the development of new multimedia services and applications that require ultra-fast connections, as well as new business models linked to the Internet of Things or virtual reality.

IFEMA and Vodafone agreement for the development of innovative 5G projects

IFEMA, together with its IFEMA-LAB Foundation and Vodafone Spain, have signed a framework collaboration agreement for the development of innovation projects on 5G connectivity and the promotion of innovative cases of use of this technology applied to the field and activity of the fair.

The pioneering spirit of Vodafone as a developer of the world's most advanced network technologies is added to the innovation leadership for the digital transformation of the fairs carried out by the IFEMA LAB Foundation laboratory. The new joint project will benefit from the deployment of the commercial 5G network at the IFEMA site in order to develop and implement all solutions in a real environment.

According to Eduardo López-Puertas, CEO of IFEMA, “this agreement represents the spearhead of the transformation undertaken by IFEMA, by opening up to the digital world and the advances in connectivity, communication, and innovative services that will soon be put into effect, with the collaboration of Vodafone and with the implementation of 5G technology at the Feria de Madrid site”.

For Daniel Jiménez, CEO of Vodafone Business Spain, “leading the arrival of 5G to Europe is a pride, but also a huge responsibility, considering how it can transform the entire business ecosystem. Making a commercial 5G network available to an innovation leader such as IFEMA and working with them in the development of real 5G solutions is a unique opportunity to revolutionise trade show environments around the world”.

“Let's 5G European Forum”, the first 5G European forum

Within the framework of collaboration of IFEMA and Vodafone, the first 5G European forum “Let's 5G European Forum” will be held next Thursday, 24 October at IFEMA Hall 14.1. More than 500 representatives of the Spanish economic and industrial world will be able to see, first-hand, real projects developed with innovative pioneering companies in 5G technology. The event, organised by Vodafone Business, will feature Altran, Cisco and Samsung as partners.

Altran will present a VR demonstration to show the advantages of 5G technology in an advanced manufacturing centre, taking advantage of the potential of this new connectivity paradigm in a real case. Cisco will present its 5G RuralFirst project to improve the personal and professional lives of United Kingdom rural populations. Finally, Samsung will provide different 5G terminals for demonstrations of this technology on the real Vodafone network.

For its part, IFEMA-LAB will participate in the forum with its experiential services platform “Augmented Fair”, a pioneer in a fair enclosure. This is the first start-up of a pilot project of a disruptive and paradigmatic type to be implemented at IFEMA and of physical experiences of visitation and transactionality between people and large physical spaces like fairs, supported by a broad portfolio of patents developed by the IFEMA LAB Foundation, which is planned to be extended to other industrial sectors.

It will also participate in the “Let's 5G European Forum” Mediaset, which will share its vision on how 5G will transform audiovisual content consumption.

Madrid will host the first of this series of events, that will soon travel to other European capitals with the purpose of Vodafone Business being to publicise the first practical applications of 5G for companies.

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