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Japan Bio Products, first entry to IBERZOO+PROPET

Japan Bio Products will join IBERZOO+PROPET for the first time.


19 Feb 2020

Japan Bio Products, a commercial stage specialized pharmaceutical company engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of placenta derived products, exhibits in Iberzoo + Propet 2000 for the first time !

Our representative product, Laennec Injeciton, the human placental injection, has been in the market for over 40 years in Japan and we are the market leader for placenta-derived pharmaceuticals.

We are currently looking for companies/distributors in EU, UK, Russia and CIS who can support us in (1)registration and (2)sales

and marketing of our pet supplements made from equine placenta.


JBP placental dietary supplements for pets :


* JBP Placenta EQ Liquid

JBP Placenta EQ Liquid For Pets is 100% liquid Equine Placental Extract obtained from horses bred in Japan.
Twist off the cap and give to your pet as is! JBP places great importance on using no preservatives or additives for the safety of your pets.

* JBP Placenta EQ Powder

JBP Placenta EQ Powder For Pets is 100% Equine Placental Extract, additive free, in an easily twistable capsule.
Sprinkle the capsule contents over your pet’s food, mix well, and it is ready!


Expected efficacy : atopic dermatitis / alopecia / appetite increase / improvement of activities to keep QOL / increase muscle strength 


Please drop by our booth 10A32, we look forward to seeing you !