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04 Feb 2020

Following to the excellent acceptance by consumers and professionals of the new OWNAT brand of Dry Natural Food, now, we complement our offer with a new range of Wet Food, responding to one of the main market trends.

OWNAT WETLINE is a real food that incorporates a series of advantages that will surely attract consumers:

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We only use natural ingredients, fresh, of proximity and with all their nutritional value intact, enriched with the vitamins and minerals that pets need.

HIGH PERCENTAGES OF FRESH MEAT AND FISH: We use muscles that provide essential proteins of the best quality and viscera with a high content of vitamins, minerals and a very appetizing taste.

ONLY REAL MEATS: WITHOUT RECONSTITUTED MEATS, WITHOUT MEALS, WITHOUT BONES: All the meats used are real meats, not reconstituted meats. Nor do we use meat meal or bones. The result is a product of exceptional quality

GRAIN FREE: Very digestive, our cereal-free recipes are better suited to the nature of the animal's digestive system and are essential for pets with an allergy or intolerance to cereals or gluten.

RESPECTFUL ELABORATION: Cooked very slowly in its own juice and with natural broth to retain all the nutritional value of its ingredients and all the flavor.

WITHOUT COLORING OR PRESERVING: We do not use synthetic flavor enhancers, colorants, preservatives or chemical additives.

AN EXCEPTIONAL PRESENTATION THAT ATTRACTS THE ATTENTION OF ITS CUSTOMERS: The new OWNAT WETLINE range has a very attractive presentation and is composed of 8 varieties for cats, packaged in practical pouches of   85 grs. and presented in 12-bag display boxes. The range for dogs consists of 4 varieties in cans of 400 grams.


For more information and contact:

Salvador Bans