The largest professional network for sustainable mobility


An innovative technological platform designed to be the meeting point for all professionals in the sector, a space for networking, training and skills, promotion and generator of contacts and business opportunities.

A new tool to boost the visibility of the sector, boosting its commercial activity among professionals.

A new system of relationship between clients and suppliers from all over the world, getting greater reach and market penetration that goes beyond stand visitors during an event.

A single communication platform at the forefront of the changing times that will help drive the digitization of the industry, offering the latest news and exclusive content..

An advanced search engine for products, services, destination and professionals from around the world with personalized recommendations through an automatic matching system with artificial intelligence.

Discover all the functions of liveconnect

GLOBAL MBLTY CALL LIVEConnect is a powerful communication tool with accessibility via APP and WEB to connect wherever and whenever you want it to ask you:

  • Enrich and feed your network with new professional contact
  • Launch innovation projects in the Community and find help and solutions from around the world.
  • Contribute your Knowhow and vision helping to solve challenges that are generated in your work, city or environment
  • Know all the offer and services available within the sector. New business models that help your company.
  • Extend your interaction with the network beyond the time and space of GMC.
  • Thousands of impacts and strengthen your Brand awareness with the entire community of participants