How to be an exhibitor?

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Exhibitor registration

Online participation application

Once you have decided to participate in the fair, you will just have to fill out the Online Participation Application form to start the process towards becoming a future exhibitor.

It is very simple, fill out the form on your computer and you can then send it to us directly or print it and send it by email.

General information for exhibitors

Everything you need before, during and after your participation in the fair can be found in this section.

A detailed guide to the steps and processes that aim to facilitate the process of becoming an exhibitor.

At the end of each block you will find the documentation and links needed to take each step.

Prepare your budget

Consult the participation fees, mandatory services, payment conditions, discounts, surcharges and other services in the pdf documents that you will find in the documentation and forms section.

If you prefer, you can use the budgeting service to calculate, online and in a fast, easy and convenient way, how much it will cost to participate in the fair

Other documents

You can find here all the forms and documents you will need for your participation as an exhibitor

General Rules on Participation
Guía del expositor

Exhibitors area

The Exhibitors Area is an exclusive online channel for exhibitors where you can:

If you were an exhibitor at the last fair, we would remind you that to access the Exhibitor Zone you must enter the same username and password that you had last time. If you have forgotten your passwords, you can request help in the Exhibitor Zone itself.

If you are participating for the first time, once you accept a space proposal and you are awarded a stand, we will send you a username and password to enter the Exhibitor Zone.

What can I do in the exhibitor area?

Information of interest

Customs information

Customs clearance:

Information on raffles, draws and lotteries

Recommendations for exhibitors for the purpose of compliance with customs procedures in the Spanish Administration
Lottery Form - Community of Madrid

Notice to the exhibitor regarding the company WWWDB SRO and its Event Fair Exhibitors Index database

Regarding the international fair exhibitor database whose name has continually changed in recent years, namely:

"FAIR GUIDE", "EXPO GUIDE", "EVENT FAIR The Exhibitors Index" or "INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY", etc. which seems to be its most recent denomination.

Due to the numerous requests for clarification and information received about this directory of fairs and data, we wish to state the following:

  1. IFEMA has no connection with this company or with its database or its publications.
  2. Recently detected companies that market this database, and there might be others, are:
    • wwwdb s.r.o. (Slovakia);
    • MULPOR COMPANY, SA (Uruguay),
    • EXPOGUIDE SC (Mexico),

These entities, based in different countries, market, exclusively on their own, their advertising inserts.

  1. The mechanism used is that a letter is sent to an exhibitor accompanied by a semi-completed form, which contains data on the fair, the venue and the information on the exhibiting company that the organisation that owns this directory has.
  2. The recipient is invited to update their details, either free (if done online), or by paid ad insertion and for an initial duration of three years with tacit extensions, if done by signing the form and sending it in the enclosed envelope.
  3. This form does not have space for setting up a direct debit, instead the company issues an annual invoice. The company the Exhibitor is dealing with and the cost of the service, jurisdiction and system of tacit extensions appears at the bottom of the form in the small print.
  4. This form generates continual misunderstandings among users, and it is common for exhibitors to complain to us about having inadvertently purchased unwanted advertising services. The fair organiser, in this case IFEMA, is frequently assumed to be associated with the provider of these services.
  5. The trade fair community, through the UFI, (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) has, on several occasions, required this company, which has during its history undergone various changes of name and registered office, as well as changing the name of the database (FAIR GUIDE, EXPO GUIDE, EVENT FAIR, INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY), to cease the ambiguous marketing of its advertising.
  6. In the event that an Exhibitor has signed the form without noticing the onerous nature of the service that was actually being purchased, we suggest that you contact the contracting entity indicating that you do not wish to purchase the service and that the completion of the form was done in order to correct or update their data for free and not to purchase the paid service, a confusion which you consider to be consequence of the ambiguity of the aforementioned document.

In accordance with the foregoing and in order to avoid unwanted situations which IFEMA can do nothing about, we ask all our Exhibitors that if they receive the aforementioned subscription form, to read it carefully before signing it, ensuring that they really want to purchase the service offered.