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The grape group of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain analyzes campaigns, phytosanitary aspects and new markets

The table grape contact group from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain met, on November 6, by videoconference, and analyzed the development of the campaigns in the different countries, phytosanitary aspects related to the cultivation and the opening of new markets, among the main topics, in which it is the second meeting of this group, established in 2019.

16 Nov 2020

Representatives of producers and sectoral organizations from the four countries participated, as well as representatives of the respective administrations. FEPEX intervened together with heads of the two integrated associations representing the production and export of table grapes: the Association of Producers Exporters of Fruit, Table Grapes and other Agricultural Products of Murcia, APOEXPA, and the Federation of Fruit and Product Entrepreneurs Horticulturals of Alicante, FEXPHAL.
Region of Murcia, Alicante and to a lesser extent in Andalusia concentrate the bulk of table grape cultivation in Spain, with an area of ​​13,792 hectares under cultivation, with an estimated production of 273,000 tons, according to MAPA data. Within the cultivation of table grapes, the aprirenas varieties are the most demanded, increasing their production year after year, mainly due to their quality and the ease of consumption. Currently Spain is the leading European producer of Apirena table grapes and most of the area is concentrated in Murcia, which has 3,000 hectares.
The meeting of the contact group on grapes of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain on November 6 was the second, since its constitution was agreed, in the plenary of the Joint Committee, in June 2019, in Paris, with the aim of to establish a stable international dialogue and cooperation framework for the table grape sector. The first meeting was on October 23, 2019 in the framework of the 12th edition of FRUIT ATTRACTION.