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STOROPACK presents Styropor Ccycled, the first 100% recycled EPS from mixed and contaminated waste

As long-time customers and partners of Basf, Storopack has been chosen to exclusively test the innovative raw material Styropor Ccycled in the field of polystyrene packaging. Storopack offers products made with the new Styropor Ccycled material, originating for the first time from the chemical recycling of mixed waste from the yellow container and suitable for food contact.

17 Dec 2020

The innovative ChemCycling process makes it possible to recycle mixed or contaminated plastics, previously impossible to recycle. The resulting plastic, Styropor Ccycled, provides the same exceptional packaging and insulation properties as conventional EPS. Products made from this material are ecoloop certified, which shows that they contribute to the circular economy by using plastic waste in the production process.
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