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OXYION: post-harvest technology applied against Covid-19

Oxyion has developed an effective sanitation methodology against Covid-19 compatible with the presence and work of people

17 Dec 2020

The agri-food industry, and especially the fruit and vegetable industry, has evolved in improving its processes in the supply chain, but this pandemic has forced the adoption of more drastic prevention and hygiene measures. The objective: to reduce the possibility of contagion and especially in relation to the traffic, presence and activities of people.
What is Oxyion technology?
The same air that we breathe is subjected within the Oxyion equipment to an electric field with controlled voltage and frequency, giving rise to 'energized air' that becomes the raw material for our air sanitizer and contaminated surfaces.
In the scientific world, the set of energized atoms and molecules in the air is known as 'Reactive Oxygen Species' or ROS, which stabilize Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in the air, commonly called 'hydrogen peroxide'.
Why is it ideal for fighting COVID?
Oxyion has been developing this technology for years in two different ways: safety and air treatment for the preservation of food, especially fruits and vegetables. In the area of ​​safety, we have ostensibly and rapidly reduced viruses such as Norovirus, Rhinovirus and Influenza, reducing their CFU by 99.8% in a matter of minutes. It has also been effective against bacteria such as listeria, E-Coli or salmonella. All of this scientifically proven by different research centers internationally and in Spain by AINIA.
With regard to COVID-19, we have already done several tests to eliminate it. In California we have reduced the viral load in 15 minutes in an ostensible way (4.32-log10) and in 30 minutes, 99.9%. 
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