set of colorful fruits

OXYION is participating in Fruit Attraction for the seventh year

Oxyion will be present at Fruit Attraction for the seventh time, and we will take this opportunity to announce that it will be expanding its service coverage in Europe to its "Business" work area and that it has begun operations in Europe in this business area as well.

16 Jun 2020

In addition to being an excellent tool for preserving fruit and vegetables, our technology in this “business area” is focused on achieving biosecurity in offices and work areas, handling rooms, changing rooms, dining rooms, toilets, etc.

Air conditioning and heating systems promote the spread of all kinds of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi), directly affecting people's health and generating the spread of diseases, allergies and bad odours.

Oxyion technology purifies, sanitises and restores the natural properties of the air in heated indoor areas in a manner that is continuous, clean, safe and environment-friendly. It also allows people in your company to work in a comfortable and safe way.

We have over 25 years experience and our technology is applied every day in more than 13 countries, where we have provided over 20,000 solutions.

Its main benefits are:

* Continuous microbiological control of the treated environments, eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.

* Prevents contagion.

* Eliminates bad odours

* Compatible with the presence of people working.

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