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TÉCNICAS SANJORGE, more than 30 years in the agro-industrial sector

We are manufacturers of macro-tunnel type greenhouses, hydroponic and irrigation systems as well as suppliers of any agricultural product, being leaders in Spain in this field. Always in continuous expansion, we have exported our projects throughout Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

17 Dec 2020

Offering solutions to farmers is our greatest motivation, which, together with our concern for innovation and training, has led us to develop and patent systems and products, making Sanjorge differentiate itself, generating the trust of our customers.
Huelva is a world benchmark in berry cultivation processes in general and strawberries in particular. At Técnicas Sanjorge we have always assumed the role of offering producers the means to develop them.
Our projects and work are made to measure, always studying the specific needs of each client, thus obtaining unique products that provide the best solutions.
The latest addition consists of a machine that generates the specific hydroponic channel for growing strawberries. The machine manufactures the hydroponic channel continuously on the farmer's own farm, adapted to the exact length of the tunnel, so it does not have any connection. This means the farmer, in addition to a huge list of advantages, significant savings in labor, transport and placement. 
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