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MANZANAS LIVINDA will reduce plastic use by 14 tonnes per year

16 May 2019

Livinda, the Grupo Nufri premium apple brand, has announced its first measure for eliminating its brand’s single-use plastics by replacing alveolar polypropylene or ‘plastic cardboard’ with cellulose made of recycled paper and cardboard and 100% recyclable in boxes of Livinda Pure Premium (green) and Livinda (orange), in 50x30x9.5 boxes.

Alveolars are a part of the packaging that create a moulded surface with shapes that fruit can fit into, which allows fruits to be presented in an orderly fashion.

Ignasi Argiles director of production and marketing of Grupo Nufri and manager of the Livinda brand, explains: "We are fully aware of the serious problem posed by the continuous use of single-use plastics for the entire planet. They lead to the contamination of our natural resources, which, if we do not take care of them, will not be productive in the coming years. So we are committed to taking efficient measures that reduce the plastic footprint, with tests and research into new packaging materials that will allow us to be more sustainable."

Said decision will mean a reduction of 13,975 kg of annual plastic. This comes in addition to the company's commitment to projects and measures focused on sustainable development, in order to develop production and conservation processes that moderate the company’s impact on the environment.

Chief among these are projects on the use and management of natural resources and the optimisation of energy, committing to sustainable production, and investing in different forms of energy production: solar, co-generation, biomass and hydraulics, which are marketed as certified green energy and high efficiency. Because for Nufri, sustainability is not a philosophy, it is a conviction.

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