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India and Singapore, Guest Importers at Fruit Attraction 2019

25 Mar 2019

In line with its aim of encouraging the trade of fruit and vegetables between the countries of the European Union and other non-EU markets, Fruit Attraction 2019 will have India and Singapore as Guest Importing Countries. On this occasion, both countries have been invited due to their importing performance.

For the 11th edition of the fair, in addition to processing the invitations to the authorities of both countries, a significant part of the budget will be allocated to attracting the main players in these markets to Madrid. More than 200 traders, heads of purchasing, operators, importers and retailers from India and Singapore. These countries will also be the protagonists of the World Fresh Forum, the business networking space organised jointly with ICEX that will address the commercial relations between these countries and allow business opportunities to be presented.

In recent years there has been positive growth in exports of fresh fruits and vegetables to Singapore from both Spain and the EU, which has been one of the main factors behind Singapore being chosen as one of the guest countries at the upcoming edition of FRUIT ATTRACTION. Singapore is also an important distribution centre for surrounding countries.

Spanish shipments have risen from €4 million in 2014 to €9.5 million in 2017, focused primarily on fruits. The main exports of fruits were persimmons (€1.9 million), blueberries (€1 million), lemons (€945,917), peaches (€937,035) and plums (€811,292).

In 2018 and according to the latest official data at November from the Directorate General of Customs, 3,502 tonnes and €7.1 million were exported, of which 3,464 tonnes corresponded to fruits, with a value of €7.02 million, and 38 tonnes of corresponded to vegetables, with a value of €133,938.

EU exports of fruit and vegetables to Singapore have grown by 6% over the last four years, from 22,492 tonnes to 24,247 tonnes in 2017, with a 60% increase in value from €20.8 million to €35 million. The main exported products were apples, kiwis and persimmons, in the fruit category, and onions, in the vegetable category. In 2018, as of November, EU fruit and vegetable exports to Singapore stood at 16,823 tonnes, worth €30.1 million.

India has also shown positive growth as an importer of Spanish and EU fruit and vegetables. In 2014, Spanish exports stood at 582 tonnes, worth €546,059. By 2017 this had risen to 2,335 tonnes and €2.5 million, with a growth of 301% in volume and 358% in value. The volumes are nevertheless still small, so FRUIT ATTRACTION can contribute to improving the position of the Spanish sector in this market. For 2018, up to the month of November, shipments came to 1,728 tonnes and a value of €1.6 million, with apples and pears being the main exported products.

As far as EU exports to India over the last four years, from 2014 to 2017 they grew by 416% in volume and 309% in value, totalling 60,556 tonnes and €46.7 million, with apples being the main exported product, at 40,269 tonnes and €31 million, according to data from the European Statistical Office, Eurostat, processed by FEPEX. Shipments to November 2018 totalled 14,184 tonnes and €15.1 million.

Southern Europe is establishing itself as the new and expanding fruit and vegetable hub with increasing global importance, and it is the gateway to Europe for Latin America, which positions Fruit Attraction strategically as the major international platform and hub for fresh produce operators.