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Hispatec Conecta, a new mobile app for communication between the partner/farmer and the agricultural company

The application has been created so that farmers can keep in fluid and orderly contact with their cooperative, auction house or marketing company.

03 Jul 2020

Applying the use of new technologies, this app is a fundamental tool that represents a step forward in the service and transparency philosophy of giving value to producers who work with fruit and vegetable management companies.
Hispatec Conecta allows farmers to see their account statement, real prices, settlements, delivery notes, supplies, harvest forecasts, packaging and all the information a farmer needs, summarised on the same screen, making it easier to operate and maintain any type of relationship with the company. 
It also offers all the information from the technical department including advice or data of interest at every moment in the campaign and has a suggestions channel with farmers' opinions. In addition, it offers interesting news from the sector to keep users informed.
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