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19 October 2020

Get the most out of your participation in LIVEConnect. Access the largest community and professional social network for the fruit and vegetable sector and find 10 new qualified leads for your business.

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Get the most out of your participation in LIVEConnect. Access the largest community and professional social network for the fruit and vegetable sector and find 10 new qualified leads for your business.

In a digital B2B environment experts recommend requesting connections with a short (less than 100 words), customized and personal message, including a Call to Action, keeping a casual-professional style, and introducing testimonials and credibility
Does this fit into 100 words?....shall we try?

A Call to Action in the message increases by 20 the possibilities of matching.
CTWHAT? Boost the interaction results of your contact requests by incorporating a CTA to the messages you send. 
1. Customize the CTA according to the target. Did you have a look at his bio or his linkedin profile? 
2. Introduce action verbs like: "download", "register",”request a sample” or "save the date”
3. Set clearly what happens next. The receiver must understand what to do and what for. 
4. Use adverbs moderately: you may include the most bused like “now”, “here”, “today”...but try not to exceed. 
5. 100 characters at the most: the clearer and shorther the message, the better.

Prepare your social networks and promote your participation in LIVEConnect among the entire digital community to get high spreading:
- Plan your posts for all your social networks
- Post updates very often
- Link your own profile with your company profile
- Publish interesting content for the sector
- Share posts from others profiles
- Work on your design post
- Get in touch with the community...
Link your posts with @fruitattraction social profiles: Join #fruitattraction #LIVEConnect community to reach all of our professional audience...

What expect people you want to reach when they see your profile...? 
To obtain prospects (people /companies interested in your offer) with Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, you must control all the messages that you transmit.
... the messages that your profile transmits (your profile, your interests, your biography, your photo, etc). 
... the messages you transmit when interacting with your contacts 
... the messages that you share
The key is ...
line your messages with your target audience, always including a Call to Action in your message

Your audience would like to see your picture in your profile! 
Some Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect profiles have no picture but your picture is key in a B2B digital environment. 
Profiles with picture are visited 7 times more and generate more interest.
Profile with no picture...better not!
- use a recent photo
- no logos
- photo on your own
- your face must take over 60% of the picture
- chose the right expression
- look for eye contact.
- be aware of what you wear
- chose a good background
- avoid cut out photographs

We're halfway there! Didn't you find the leads you expected yet?
Did you know that the style and content of your messages has a direct influence in the reaction of your addresee?
If you would like to increase effectiveness of your messages...
- Customize your connection request: introduce yourself in an amiable and professional way
- Brief on interesting content: keep in mind you're dealing with professionals in the sector with your same interests... Send information of interest to the addressee
- Ask for help: Professionals in the sector must help each other from time to time. Some of your contacts might be the ideal person to answer a query or sort out a problem at a given time. Address that person with the right message.
- Inform on sessions and webinars in which you take part and may be of interest.

Do you know that webinars are a very useful tool to generate leads?
Video has become a highly demanded and effective format to reach potential contacts ... Do you know the advantages of this format?
✔ Introduce your brand, product, company to your audience
✔ Share interesting content in a dynamic, close and different format.
✔ Generate engagement, connect with professionals from the sector, propose discussion topics to the community ...
✔ Presents new projects, innovations, sector news ...
✔ Make a demonstration of your products...