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Fresh BIOSABOR gazpacho, a unique explosion of flavour and nutrients

It is made with 93% fresh organic vegetables grown using sustainable and ecological farming methods

24 Jul 2020

In Spain we consume more than 64 million litres of packaged gazpacho every year, mainly between March and September. This should come as no surprise. After all, Spain is Europe’s garden, and Almería is a leader in tomato production.
BioSabor SAT, a company in Níjar that specialises in organic fruit and vegetable farming, is one of Europe's main bio-gazpacho producers and sellers.
With gazpacho season in full swing, it offers an irresistible proposal: Gazpacho Fresco, a high-quality product created by the R&D&i Nutrition and Health Department by a multidisciplinary team of chemists, pharmacists and nutritionists who do research every day to improve the organoleptic and nutritional quality of Biosabor gazpachos.
“Our Gazpacho Fresco is doubtlessly one of the most complete foods available thanks to its high concentration of water (which comes from the vegetables themselves), fibre, vitamins and minerals. It is packed with carotenes, such as lycopene, that give it great antioxidant qualities, among other health benefits. We don't just make sure that our vegetables are tasty, nutritious and environmentally friendly, we also take care to create a balanced recipe and put a lot of thought into our choice of preservation methods and packaging. After all, this is the key to the success or failure of a product, according to Ana Molina, head of the R&D&i Department at BioSabor SAT.
BioSabor Fresh Gazpacho contains 93% organic vegetables, is suitable for vegans, and is gluten-free. It is made with seasonal tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, garlic, organic extra virgin olive oil, water, wine vinegar and salt. And something new: Sweet Palermo red pepper, which provides a touch of sweetness and is packed with Vitamin C (four times more than an orange).
This Almería-based company is highly experienced in organic farming and specialises in flavourful varieties, hence the apt choice of its name Bio-Sabor, which means Bio-Flavour. Among its special tomato varieties are cherry Angelle, Sorentino and Piccolo, Adora and Tomazur, all of which are used to give our gazpacho a special flavour as the season progresses. "Our gazpacho is a living product, whose personality adapts to the seasonality that characterises organic farming. Industrial processes usually correct these variations, but we think it is important to respect the seasonality of fruits and vegetables, and how it influences the texture and flavour, always sticking to the traditional recipe, of course," said Ana Molina.
After many years of research to find the best gazpacho, and studying the preservation options available, BioSabor has come to the conclusion that gentle heat treatment is the best method for preserving the nutrients while guaranteeing food safety. “We have analysed all possible ways to preserve the gazpacho and discovered that a gentle, controlled touch of heat works best to ensure that the body can absorb the nutrients before they start to deplete. Fat-soluble vitamins, such as lycopene (abundant in tomatoes), are so well protected that they need to be released if we are to absorb them correctly, and heat encourages that release," explains Ana Molina. She added that: “We have carried out in-vitro digestion studies and verified that the synergy between the heat and the mixture with olive oil was ideal for unleashing the full nutritional potential of gazpacho, since heat releases the nutrients and the olive oil carries them through the intestine into the body, where they can do their work. There is no point in having a product packed with nutrients if the body can't use them.”
They are currently working with the health sector to investigate the benefits of drinking gazpacho in treating several diseases, a pioneering activity in the sector. "It is the agri-food sector's responsibility to do research into food and health, and there is a lot of discussion on how healthy fruits and vegetables are without providing scientific arguments,” says Ana Molina.
Biosabor SAT, founded in 2008, is a family business with a decades-long farming tradition that has become a pioneering organic food company. It has extensive experience in organic, innovative and sustainable horticulture, which it has used to revive the authentic traditional flavour of vegetables. It is based in Níjar, alongside Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park (a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve), where it has its 300 hectares of greenhouse production.
It offers a wide range of products that includes organic fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, melon, watermelon, peppers, cucumbers, and healthy dishes like gazpacho, salmorejo, tomato sauce and tomato juice, perfect for all occasions. With an extensive national distribution network, Bio Sabor products are sold in the bio section of numerous supermarkets (El Corte Inglés, Alcampo, Carrefour, Eroski, Plusfresc), in organic and gourmet product stores (Veritas and Herbolarios Navarro) and in the online store