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Field trials and samplings to deepen the integrated pest control in cherry cultivation

The FISTOSCEREZO supra-autonomous operating group, which aims to design an integrated control program for pests and diseases that rationalizes the use of phytosanitary products in cherry cultivation in Aragon and Extremadura, begins the second phase of the planned actions and in particular, they will be developed field trials and sampling.

30 Nov 2020

In the first phase, which has just ended, multiple actions have been developed, such as the compilation of methods for prospecting, detection, prediction, surveillance, and monitoring of pests and diseases applicable to cherry cultivation. Work has also been done to determine safe and scientifically sound intervention threshold values ​​for pests in cherry tree cultivation.
 In the first phase, the operative group has also worked on the compilation of the non-chemical methods used in the cultivation of cherry, as well as on the compilation of the risks of development of resistance to phytosanitary products used in the mentioned crop.
 The group has also developed outreach and dissemination actions and in this sense several presentations have been made within the framework of the FRUIT ATTRACTION LIVEConnect platform, presentations that can still be consulted on said platform.
 FITOSCEREZO was established with the objective of developing an integrated pest and disease control program that rationalizes the use of phytosanitary products in cherry tree cultivation. It is about continuing to improve production to make it as sustainable as possible, in line with the current demands of society and seeking the contribution of all parties involved. For this reason the participants belong to different areas of activity.
 On the production side, the Association of Agricultural Entrepreneurs of the Right Bank of the Ebro (AEAMDE) and the Association of Cooperatives of Valle del Jerte (AACVJ) form part of FITOSCEREZO. The Business Association for the Protection of Plants (AEPLA), the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), and DEVREG Consulta SLU also take part as requesting members. The Centro Tecnológico Nacional Agroalimentario de Extremadura (CTAEX) is the coordinating member, with FEPEX acting as representative.
 The FITOSCEREZO operational group is being implemented within the framework of the National Rural Development Program, financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).