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The export value of fruit and vegetables grows by 9% until September, amounting to 10,777 million euros

Spanish exports of fresh fruits and vegetables from January to September 2020 stood at 10,777 million euros, with a growth of 9% compared to the same period in 2019, while the volume has decreased by 5%, totaling 9.4 million tons, according to data from the General Directorate of Customs.

17 Dec 2020

The export of vegetables in the first nine months of the year has fallen by 1% in volume compared to the same period in 2019, totaling 3.9 million tonnes, while the value has risen by 5%, totaling 4,353 million euros. The pepper has been the most exported vegetable in this period with a positive performance both in volume, with 3% more and 578,668 tons, and in value, with 5% more, totaling 843 million euros. The tomato, which has been displaced by the pepper as the most exported vegetable since 2019, has registered a decline in the exported volume of 8% and 1% in value, standing at 518,451 tons and 668 million euros.
 In fruits, sales abroad from January to September 2020 have also decreased in volume, 7.4% less, totaling 5.4 million tons, while the value has grown by 11%, totaling 6,424 million euros . After citrus, the highest volumes correspond to stone fruit, red fruits, melon and watermelon. In stone fruit, the exported volumes of peaches and nectarines fell, with 16% and 18% less respectively, standing at 310,151 tons and 317,131 tons, while the value grew by 10% and 18%, totaling 384 million euros and 437 million euros. In the case of red fruits, strawberries experienced a 3% decrease in volume and value, reaching 280,667 tons and 565 million euros.
Regarding the last month for which data are available, September, fruit and vegetable exports fell by 5% in volume compared to September 2019, with 587,551 tons and grew by 11% in value, with 665.3 million euros.
September is the month in which the least fruit and vegetables are exported throughout the year, due to the fact that, in the case of fruits, citrus fruits are not in season and the bulk of the summer fruit campaigns conclude; and in the case of vegetables, the bulk of the season has not started, which begins with significant volumes in October. The volumes exported in September are always the lowest of each year. In 2014, the export was 520,667 tons; in 2015 it was 517,144 tons; in 2016 it amounted to 605,698 tons; in 2017 it was 617,302 tons; in 2018 it was 562,438 tons; In 2019 it was 616,744 tons and in 2020 it has been located at 587,551 tons, according to data from the Customs and Special Taxes Department of the Tax Agency, processed by FEPEX.