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VACCIPLANT MAX: enhances a better self-defense of the plant

UPL presents a new way of approaching plant health, through a 100% natural solution, with phytosanitary registration and that can also be used in organic farming: Vacciplant Max.

17 Dec 2020

Vacciplant Max is a biological fungicide of natural origin that acts as an inducer and activator of the plant's self-defense mechanisms, preparing the crop to fight several diseases at the same time. It is a product presented in the form of a soluble concentrate and formulated based on laminarin, an oligosaccharide that induces systemic acquired resistance (SAR) extracted from Laminaria digitata, an algae with a high concentration of said molecule.
Vacciplant® Max can be used following several strategies:
• Preventively, before the disease has started to develop, and maintaining treatments during infection.
• Alternating Vacciplant® Max with conventional phytosanitary products reinforcing the control strategy and, if the pathogen pressure is low or medium, thus reducing the number of phytosanitary treatments. It is especially useful in strategies to prevent the appearance of resistance where the presence of strains of pathogens resistant to certain conventional phytosanitary products is sensed.
• In mixture with phytosanitary products in case of high disease pressure, reinforcing the defense of phytosanitary treatment.
• Near harvest when conventional phytosanitary products cannot be applied due to their safety period.
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