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CAMPOS DE ALCALA, 0 residues goal

We at Campos de Alcalá, SL have set ourselves the goal of producing our clementines with 0 residues for the next harvest.

02 Jul 2020

This is a highly complex challenge for our company, since it has a number of older partners who find it difficult to adapt to the changes required by this type of farming.
Nevertheless, with our will and the help and good work of our agricultural technicians, we are sure that we will achieve it, and thus be able to offer all our clients and end consumers a fruit in top conditions of quality and freshness, and with no pesticide residues, as their use will only be necessary in the early growing stages.
We are adapting all our production to a crop where organic products are prevalent. These leave the minimum trace in the final result and in the soil that produces our fruit. In this way we contribute significantly to greater care for the environment, thereby improving the planet’s situation to the best of our ability.