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BIOTROPIC, organic fruits and vegetables from all over the world

Biotropic GmbH was founded in 1997. Our head-office is since then based in Duisburg - Germany. Our strategy was, and still is, to purchase the fresh fruits and vegetables we require as close as possible to the source. In 1999 we opened our first subsidiary in Italy, after that we also opened offices in the Dominican Republic, Holland, New Zealand, France, Ivory Coast and Spain.

11 Nov 2020

We carry a wide range of organically grown fruits and vegetables from all over the world. For example: pipfruit from Argentina, New Zealand and Europe; Bananas from The Dominican Republic and South America; Mango’s from South America and West Africa. Exotics like Pineapples, Mango, Ginger and Avocados we import & distribute from Africa and South America. Citrus from Europe and South Africa as well as fruits and vegetables from the main production areas in Europe.

We build strong and enduring relationships with suppliers to obtain the best quality organic products for our customers. At the same time, Biotropic strives to ensure a fair return to suppliers. As a result, many organic suppliers choose to deal primarily with Biotropic as their representative and distributor of choice. In 2007, we decided to invest in the production of high quality organic fruits which resulted in our own organic Banana plantations in the Dominican Republic, an organic Pineapple farm and Mango orchard in Ivory Coast, an organic Ginger and Turmeric farm in Costa Rica and an organic Apple and Pear orchard in Argentina.

From our premises in Germany, Italy, France, Holland and Spain, we daily ship and distribute fresh fruits & vegetables to over more than 200 customers in Europe. We can provide our customers with marketing and advertising support to their specific needs. To assure the organic integrity of the produce we handle, we have set up a quality insurance program where by eight agronomists regularly visit the growers worldwide. For the organic certification, our company is certified by BCS in Germany and since 2007, we are also IFS certified. Customers choose Biotropic due to our excellent product quality, wide variety, superior services and competitive pricing.