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Fruit Attraction presents the Innovation Hub Awards

VallOndo won the Fresh Produce category and ClassPack triumphed in the F&V Industry category, while Manter Ibérica took the prize in the F&V Industry category. Each winner received 2,000 Euro.

08 Oct 2021

A total of 16 fruit and vegetable products and services took part in the Innovation Hub Awards, the winners of which were announced yesterday on the final day of Fruit Attraction 2021. The winners were decided by a panel of judges comprised of Maria del Camino Arroyo, Deputy Director General of Fruits and Vegetables and Viticulture of the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain, Francisco Javier Maté, Deputy Director General of Food Quality Control and Agri-food Laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; Gonzaga Ruíz de Gauna, Manager of Biovegen, and Luis Martín, Head of the Technical Department of FEPEX. On this occasion the winner of the Fresh Produce prize was VAllOndo, the F&V Industry Prize went to Classpack, while in the F&V Industry category, the winner was Manter Ibérica, each of which received 2,000 Euro.

VallOndo was proclaimed the winner with its home mushroom-growing kit in the Fresh Product category. This innovative product is the brainchild of the company’s CEO who had the idea of enabling people to grow their own mushrooms at the height  of the pandemic.

The Auxiliary Industry category was won by ClassPack with its Bio Salad Roll . The patented laminate consists of PLA Film and 1st Kraft paper of FSC origin. The product is suitable for use in vertical ULMA, GEA, GKS packaging machines, among others. It is an innovative product that can be adjusted to control oxygen transfer to lengthen food shelf life to up to 14 days, which is far longer than is currently possible.

Lastly, in the Sustainability  Actions and Commitment category, the jury selected Manter Ibérica’s Leaf machine, a revolutionary vertical packaging machine in the food sector that reduces the environmental footprint, from manufacture to the paper packaging it produces.

The jury short-listed the following 16 products as finalists in the different categories: Fresh Produce: Comfresh Iberian S.L., Cuadraspania, S.L.; Florette Iberica Alimentaria; Sat Bonnysa; Jumosol and Setas Vallondo; F&V Industry: A.P. Moller – Maersk, Classpack; Estudi Graf, S.A., JBT, Looije and Maf Roda Agrobotic, and Sustainability Actions and Commitment : Apot-Consorzio Melinda / Consorzio la Trentina, Agromediterránea Hortofrutícola, Grupo AGF Fashion, S.L., and Manter Packaging Ibérica, S.L.