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AVASA: A benchmark in innovation serving the citrus sector

Since 1976, AVASA (Agrupación de Viveristas de Agrios, S.A.) has been providing the highest quality citrus stock, based on health, authenticity and varietal diversification. The plant material marketed by AVASA is introduced through the Sanitation and Certification Programme and is reproduced using all the safety measures necessary to prevent its contamination by pathogens. Periodically, all the materials are subject to strict health checks by the official bodies responsible.

02 Jul 2020

AVASA continues to be the largest nursery for citrus stock in Spain and the one with the largest number of varieties. It maintains, evaluates, reproduces and markets more than 200 citrus varieties, including the most important ones in the world, and over 90 exclusive AVASA-PRi® varieties.
Obtaining and developing new varieties is a key aspect in current citrus farming, to maintain high levels of productivity and quality. The various varieties developed by AVASA have completely changed the varietal and productive structure of our citriculture.
In its commitment to maintaining and promoting varietal development and innovation, AVASA has renewed its technical management, and has brought Mr. José Cuenca into its team. The new technical director, an Agricultural Engineer and PhD in Biotechnology, brings with him his training and experience of more than 20 years in the field of research into citrus genetic improvement. With this new addition, along with the agreements signed with various research centres, AVASA has reaffirmed its leading position in the varietal scenario and intensified its innovative activity, so vital for the citrus sector.
Currently, AVASA is the exclusive licensee of the top-selling varieties which include, among others, Powell Summer Navel (P), Chislett Summer Navel (P), Orogros (P), Clemenrubí (P), Murina (P), Andes1 (P) and Mandanova SL (P).
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