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ANAGAN, an independent brokerage specialized in looking after its clients' interests

17 Jun 2019

With 30 years of professional experience, Anagan is a reference in its sector, offering personalized attention to all its insureds in the services it offers. A brokerage whose decision-making is guided by its clients’ interests.

Anagan is one of the largest independent brokerages in the country and the most important one in Aragon. Its field of activity is divided into two large areas, agricultural insurance and personal and professional insurance.

Anagan are specialists in advising farmers and livestock owners on existing insurance and on which policies best suit each particular case. All the products they offer for fruit, horticultural and agrarian farms in general are worth highlighting. They can insure the crops themselves in all their production cycles and insure against different risks, including facilities and machinery.

Agricultural insurance is highly subsidized by ENESA and by some Autonomous Regions. Anagan facilitates the processing of these subsidies for all its insureds. This company’s work is endorsed by the tens of thousands of clients who currently subscribe to its policies.

Stand 4C12

Tel: 900 133 133