set of colorful fruits

2VD will offer its ranges of croutons, dried fruit and cereals in Fruit Attraction.

16 May 2019

The Belgian company 2VD will offer in the next edition of Fruit Attraction its croutons for salads and soups, in different forms and flavours, accompanied by several condiments and a wide range of dried fruits. In order to meet market demand, 2VD has recently developed a wide range of organic products that include croutons, dried fruits and cereals, both packaged and in bulk.

We have many recipes and products available according to the needs of the client. Thanks to our flexibility and our different packages, our products are distributed in all sectors in the form of individual portions, sachets, bulks, buckets, bottles, etc.

The company sells under the brand name "CroustiSalad" for croutons for salad and "CroustiSoup" for croutons fried for soup or under the brand of the distributor. For our dried fruits, we use our brand "CrunchyFruits" and "BIO By 2VD" for our ecological range. 2VD targets the medium and large distribution market, the Horeca sector, wholesale networks and industry.

The company has the IFS and Certisys certifications.

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