Innovation Areas

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Fruit Attraction, knowledge and innovation centre for the sector

Fruit Attraction brings together some of the essential areas of innovation in the agricultural sector.  A monographic space with the aim of promoting innovation, sustainability and digitisation as fundamental keys that will drive future growth:

Smart Agro area

Innovative products that apply information technologies to the fruit and vegetable sector (apps, IoT, big data, ERPs, tracking, monitoring, automation, prediction, digitisation, and more).

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Biotech Attraction area

Research and technological development in agrobiology and plant biotechnology. New technologies based on plant biology.

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Smart Water&Energy area

Smart water: Equipment, products and services featuring the latest technological irrigation systems for smart water management.

Smart energy: Transforming energy use on fruit and vegetable farms to reduce costs and emissions (renewable energy suppliers, green hydrogen, bioenergy, solar pumping, self-consumption, financing...)