Jornadas de Postgrado y Formación Continua

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Open Campus

Training, Employment and Youth Entrepreneurship. An interesting programme of conferences, lectures, presentations by professionals from the educational sector that will give guidance and tools and tips to improve employability. The aim is to guide young people on the most in-demand professional profiles.

Social Green

Will encourage the development of projects and the creation of companies within the framework of social entrepreneurship and green entrepreneurship. Promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability through training workshops and project presentations.

Collaborating in this section: ISM – INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DEL MEDIO AMBIENTE


Speaker Corner

A space for interaction in which educational centres, universities, language schools, etc. present new courses.


Guidance on employability

Personalised guidance for job searching: "The personalised itinerary" to improve employability. Training and resources at the individual and group level. An employment area that offers free professional services in labour intermediation and selection of personnel appropriate to the professional profiles required by companies.


  • Group workshops for actively looking for jobs on the internet. Data Entry and Workshops on DAPO (Development of Personal Aspects for Employment)

Collaborating in these sections: FUNDACIÓN ALTIUS FRANCISCO VITORIA

  • Educational Coaching to improve students’ individual performance, attitude and self-knowledge

Collaborating in these sections: D'arte Coaching