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Salamanca with 3 golf courses in an overall of 20 minutes from city center and the golf courses association of Castilla Leon (GCACL) that´s groups 10 of the 13 golf courses in the region

‘Castilla y Leon, golf destination’, boosts a new concept of tourism that combines the rich heritage and gastronomy of Castilla y Leon with golf, a safe, healthy and outdoors sport.

Viajes Salamanca

12 May 2021

‘We want to embark ourselves into the latest of trends in tourism’

Firmly says Juan Maria López Álvarez, President of the (GCACL), constituted last year with the main objective to

promote the largest region in Europe as a tourist destination with top quality golf and with a valuable proposal that 

is far from the traditional one offered around the coast.


The Association, that already groups ten of the thirteen 18 holes golf courses in the region, defends the capacity 

that Castilla y Leon has to attract a national and international golf tourism that looks for not only good facilities, 

cities full of history and culture, spots and singular landscapes and first level gastronomy based in the richness of its 

raw materials.


‘For many years, the golf courses in Castilla y Leon have been hosting important national and international

 amateur and professional tournaments, this says a lot of the quality of our facilities , continues saying the President 

of the ( GCACL). Because of this, we are convinced that our offer, very different to the sun and beach golf one,

 is perfectly valid and attractive and it will also contribute to de-seasonalise tourism in the region and establish Castilla y Leon 

between the usual golf destinations of golf in our country’


To reach this, the Association is working in ambitious project that will include as a plan a Golf Circuit that will allow golfers 

to tour the region through the (GCACL) by using golf+Hotel+experiences packages.


‘Castilla y Leon is a historic region, that has to be toured with calm, experiment and live... And we believe that doing it through 

the golf courses is an original way to create a destination. We can rely on the cooperation with the institutions to be able to be present 

in all the tourism fairs and in the panflets of the main tour operators’ concludes Mr López Álvarez.

For more information email the secretary: Mr Francisco Patiño

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