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​​​​​​​ When eating becomes an event?

Air Home Restaurant is a new social eating platform 100% Made in Italy


20 Jan 2020

  Air Home Restaurant is a new social eating platform 100% Made in Italy, that operates in the food tourism sector. The objective of Air Home Restaurant is to decline the phenomenon of social eating, increasingly widespread, in terms of sustainability, sharing and integration. The platform is a meeting point between the constantly growing demand for food and wine tourism and the network of local operators, able to offer "home-made" hospitality, to create unedited tourist itineraries, focused on food as an emotional and experiential element. 
 When eating becomes an event? It's happening on the Air Home Restaurant platform!Tthe Airhost enter offers to host tourists and visitors at home, offering dinners, lunches and original culinary experiences. Guests or customer can connect to consult offers, book and purchase individual events, sharing a passion for food with other guests and with hosts. With AirHomeRestaurant culinary discoveries never end! We have many interesting proposals for FITUR 2020 : Start a collaboration now and get an extra commission for 12 months. If you get registered on AIRHOMERESTAURANT.COM as an AirHost during the Travel Show you can receive a special bonus at our stand! PHOTOGRAPHER THE QRCODE THAT YOU WILL FIND ON OUR BROCHURE AND FIND OUT SPECIAL OFFERS, GIFTS AND GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE "EARLY ADOPTERS! Our goal is to develop and grow the platform and make it one of the most famous in the world.