Spanish immersion for adults

Study and live at teacher´s home

Study Spanish living with your Spanish teacher in Guadarrama National Park. Madrid

Spanish in nature

14 Jan 2022

Spanish in Nature is a Spanish language home school in Guadarrama National Park, Madrid.


We are  focused on teaching Spanish language, culture and customs.


 How can Spanish in Nature  work with you


We offer a different way to learn Spanish, the students live and study at the teacher´s home which gives a cosy and pleasant environment, different from a traditional school. It is a real immersion in the Spanish language. The best way to improve the Spanish skills in a sort time. Students are our guests and part of the family, they have the opportunity to learn Spanish participating in our daily life and enjoying our facilities.


They speak only Spanish all day long with the teacher, teacher´s family, friends and neighbours.  All our programmes include pick up and drop off at the airport, cultural and sport activities outdoors, visiting cities and taking part in workshops at home every day, enjoying our meals and learnig to cook typical Spanish food.


The courses take place all year round. We are open to different ages (children as well as adults) and professions. We adapt to your needs, interests and level of Spanish.


Spanish in Nature is a perfect choice for your holidays and language learning.