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Expodental Scientific Congress To Host Annual Symposium SEPES DIGITAL ACADEMY

• The meeting on 24th June will focus on clinical news in the digital environment

The Expodental Scientific Congress is organised by IFEMA and Brand Comunicación and promoted by the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies, Fenin. It takes place from 24th to 26th June. The first day’s scientific programme on 24th June will include the SEPES DIGITAL ACADEMY symposium. This is the annual SEPES event focusing on clinical news about the digital environment. Professor Guillermo Pradíes will chair the event.

16 Mar 2021

Expodental Scientific Congress is EXPODENTAL’s first multidisciplinary congress. It will offer professional visitors an opportunity for training and information about innovative treatments, technologies and the latest scientific content. It is backed by the different scientific societies, each with its corresponding thematic block coordinated by Prof. Dr Jaime A. Gil Lozano and Dr Nacho Rodríguez Ruiz. The SEPES DIGITAL ACADEMY symposium’s specific programme on digital dentistry will be one of these blocks.

Aspects such as procedures for integrating smile design and aligners in restorative treatments, rigid and flexible alternatives in CAD/CAM restorative materials, the importance of intraoral scanners for wear treatments, and the free tools available for prosthetic guided implantology are just some of the topics that will be addressed at the SEPES DIGITAL ACADEMY. The speakers will be leading figures in the field of new technologies including doctors Pablo Ramírez, José Manuel Navarro, Nicolás Gutiérrez, Cristina Zarauz and Oscar Figueras.

This SEPES symposium’s climax will be an engaging and dynamic panel discussion moderated by Professors Miguel Roig and Guillermo Pradíes, President and Vice-President of SEPES, respectively. The panel will discuss questions submitted in advance by SEPES members through a survey or the attendees themselves.                                  

The scientific importance of the Expodental Scientific Congress, together with the interest that the SEPES DIGITAL ACADEMY symposium arouses year after year, will ensure that dentistry professionals find this major scientific event for the dental sector an unmissable appointment in their agenda.