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Modern dentistry has become interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.

What is the fundamental equipment in the dental cabinet to be at the forefront?

Zero4 and IRIS VIEW SURGICAL LIGHTS WITH VIDEO CAMERA can effectively combine the doctor's needs and the best technological innovations in the field of optics and digital technology.

G. COMM S.r.l.

03 Mar 2020

IRIS VIEW dental surgery light with integrated camera, magnification 30x and optical zoom. Adjustable colour temperature and pre-set light programmes for Colour Matching, Surgery, Compo Safe (antipolymerization) Light feature settings controlled with keypad or "My light" APP for IPAD.

ZERO 4 is the first scialytic light, specifically designed for the dental sector. Two different spots: rectangular for everyday dental procedures and round for surgical and medical procedures. Features: 4K camera (optional). Light intensity adjustment both with dental mode and surgical mode. Colour temperature adjustment, both with dental mode and surgical mode. 3 pre-set programmes: surgery mode, colour matching mode, compo safe mode. Light head diameter: 550 mm