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SISMA MYSINT 100 Dual Laser

SISMA 3D printers employing selective laser fusion technology of a metal powder bed - Laser Metal Fusion.

MYSINT 100 3D printers are avant-garde production solutions, representing the current most advanced technology on the market for the production of three-dimensional metal elements.


03 Mar 2020

MYSINT 100 Dual Laser allows the production of individual tooth components starting from the digital data acquired from the patient, while optimizing the design of the elements and saving on raw materials. The possibility of exploiting small platforms with a Dual Laser system offers very high productivity, while guaranteeing excellent quality.

The MYSINT 100 line offers a range of compatible materials among the best performing on the market, also including biocompatible and certified materials. The inerting system makes it possible to use reactive materials, such as titanium alloys, in a totally safe manner, while guaranteeing optimal results. In fact, thanks to high-precision oxygen sensors and the patented gas flow system, the levels of oxidation in the parts produced in MYSINT 100 are reduced to a minimum.

The MYSINT 100 printer is also compatible with SINT & MILL®, the hybrid system patented by SISMA, which allows the combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing, ensuring compatibility with most milling machines on the market.

  • Enhanced productivity
    Thanks to its two laser sources, MYSINT 100 Dual Laser allows for an increase of productivity up to 80%, thus guaranteeing higher flexibility, fast lane delivery and better time management.
  • Open system
    Each machining parameter and the entire production strategy are fully customizable according to every specific need.
  • Perfect laser fusion
    The uniform and stable inert gas flow grants the best melting stability while keeping its consumption down to a minimum (patented).

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