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World-Class Implantology Course in Santo Domingo

We believe in learning by doing, offering practical training in high-quality implantology.

Our main pillars: “Learning by doing”, “Hands-on”, Intensive courses. Our mission is to provide continuous training to odontologists that are really interested in improving and perfectioning their skills in the field of oral surgery, dental implants and prostheses; while carrying out a valuable social action by treating for free, live patients without financial resources.


28 Feb 2020

Biotrinon and Doctores Valencia work together to develop continuing education programs to serve the needs of the dental community. After years of experience in the implantology world we have designed 3 levels for our courses according to the skills needed for each procedure: 

  • Beginner:

Dental Implant Course, is required a basic theoretical knowledge of oral surgery, but not practical experience. The student will be able to place 30 implants and assist a minimum of 30 implants more with the supervision of an oral surgeon instructor. By the end of the week, the student will be able to solve a complete dental implant case in its own practice. 

  • Advanced:

Sinus Elevation Course, is required a basic surgical knowledge and practical experience with a minimum placement of 50 implants. The student will learn pre and post-op medication protocols that the oral surgeons apply depending on the case diagnosed. To achieve a high surgical skill level, is necessary the learning of big flaps technique, design and drilling of the window, as well as the management and solutions of complications associates with the sinus elevation surgeries, all of it hands on. This course also has to more versions: Sinus elevation + Implants and Sinus elevation + Ridge Expansion.

Bichectomy Advance Programme, minimum of two years’ experience in oral surgery. Bichectomy is a surgical technique that involves the removal of Bichat balls, through minimally invasive surgery. The goal is to profile and stylize the facial oval, thus defining features such as the cheekbone and the jaw line.

  • Expert:

Dental Bone Grafting Specialist, minimum of two years’ experience in oral surgery. This course is characterised by the attendees’ development over the course of the week and the skills that they acquire in advanced surgical techniques and tissue management. The students will perform different types of surgeries: block grafting with piezosurgery, management of membranes with pins, ridge expansion technique with severe atrophy, bone regeneration in vertical defects, the use of titanium mesh...

Third Molar Surgery Specialist, minimum of two years’ experience in oral surgery. The student will learn the appropriate techniques to be able choose the type of approach, and the necessary forces that should be applied during dislocation, osteotomy or tooth sectioning. Furthermore, training will be provided regarding the specific medication that should be used pre-, during and post-treatment.

For the last 34 years, Dr. Alfredo Valencia, the Senior Surgeon of the Foundation, has been a surgeon instructor to residents of oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as a professor at the Universities of Oviedo and Granada. He has taught international courses on oral implantology since 1985.

Our practical dental implantology courses in Santo Domingo are a valuable investment in your professional future. We are endorsed by the Fundación General Universidad de Granada, which also awards the qualification, and have more than 15 years’ experience training dental professionals.

If you are interest and need more information please contact us at +34 682 47 61 15. 

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