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FARO CAM SYSTEM: the new era of dental illumination.

Three Interacting Lights


27 Feb 2020

Since 1948, FARO S.p.A. has been studying light and sight to create the best possible conditions for dental professionals’ eyes, in the operative, pre-operative and circulation area.

Everything in dentistry relies on the quality of illumination: from discerning details within the patient’s mouth, to enhancing digital imaging and the comfort, overall wellbeing of the practitioner, patient and every person in the dental clinic.

This is why Faro S.p.a. introduces the unique “Three Interacting Lights” system, ALYA - THEIA TECH – SIDEREA, a system of three led sources syncronized at the dental chair and ceiling level, to provide the perfect balance of illumination, sun-like, all day long.

ALYA CAM is now the first integrated dental camera to take, save and share pics and video in Full-HD, hands-free, in the most realistic light condition. It is embedded into ALYA dental lamp, combining digital experience with professional led performance into the first Smart Light System of the market to empower every dentist in his daily practice, communication, documentation and education.