LAN Activities


DreamHack offers all LAN participants a variety of exclusive competitions of the most popular games.

Players choose the main games and the organization prepares the competitions. Furthermore, if any member of the community wishes, DreamHack provides the necessary tools so that any player can create their own competition within the festival.

Enjoy non-stop competitions, every day of the festival


It’s not all about using the computer. Also, the LAN participants have an exclusive section with the most famous table games so that they can disconnect for a few hours playing with friends or meeting new people.

Are you the best at playing Catan? Prove it!


The LAN Party has a stage of activities throughout the festival where you can enjoy video games presentations, new products or fun contests. Win prizes and have a fun time with the whole community.

Discover the agenda and don’t miss your favorite activities


It's not all about playing at DreamHack and we love helping the community share as much information as possible with everyone.

DreamHack makes many free workshops available to the entire community during the three days of activities such as robotics, modding, programming, design, drones, VR ...

We also encourage LAN users who are experts in certain areas to create their own workshops and we help them in their communication so new and fantastic workshops are created during the festival.